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Things that go bump in the night! (and other times too!)

There are primarily two kinds of entities that are normally encountered in paranormal investigation: ghosts and manifestations.


Ghosts are pretty much people (or animals) without a body. They have the same ideas/fears/attitudes/issues that they had when alive. Often they are confused as to why they died. They are entitiled to respect and kind consideration. It pains us, here at The Mystical Dragonfly, that people are rude, insulting and demanding to ghosts. Please do not believe that behavior as seen on TV toward ghosts is appropriate for real situations. In our opinion it is totally unacceptable to be discourteous to ghosts. In most cases, people have moved into the ghost's territory without permission and then expect them to be invisible and unconcerned. the solution to "problem" ghosts is to find out what keeps them on this plane of existence. An open line of communication is crucial. Often fear, lack of self worth or unfinished business is the issue to be addressed, so that the ghost may successfully "cross over". Reassurance and assistance in this process is our specialty here at The Mystical Dragonfly. Occassionally a ghost is overly attached to a house/area/family and prefers to remain on this plane. In this case, negotiation of a more acceptable presence is in order- which usually involves the fleshy humans understanding and adapting as well as the ghost. Here at The Mystical Dragonfly, we are proud to say that we have had tremendous success at clearing (crossing over) ghosts, though in some cases negotiation of an amicable co-existence has been the end product. 


The stuff of nightmares and horror films!

A manifestation is an entity created and fed by energy, usually springing from negativity and emotions. When negativity meets strong enough emotions, a creature can form. The best illustration of this phenomena is seen in the children's animated film Fern Gully. The film shows a black oily slime that slithers about and then coalesces to create a monster. The dark energy of a manifestation acts in the same way. The overall impression is of a dark force inhabiting a certain area of home/building. This manifestation often has the ability to move things and typically causes children and pets to react in fear and avoidance. The atmosphere of the place is generally depressing, frightening or angry, which further feeds the manifestation. In worse case scenerios, susceptible members of the household can be possessed by the entity.

A manifestation does not appear out of thin air. It grows from a seed, either planted by someone in the "dark arts" or from negative attitiudes and anger or other strong emotion, such as grief, fear, etc. Usually, a manifestation grows slowly over time and takes a lot of feeding before it reaches a dangerous size and capability. 

We, at the Mystical Dragonfly, have been called upon to remove established manifestations. I can easily say, they are an amazing force, both in terms of strength and resiliency. The creatures often take a form similar to that in the film Alien. They are not a force to be taken lightly and require an arsenal of metaphysical skills. When called upon, the entire crew of The Mystical Dragonfly is activated, armed and heavily protected. We have had good success in conquering, removing and clearing out manifestations, but the threat of return remains till the root cause is cured- namely the source of negativity and the emotions that fed it.   

Please contact us at The Mystical Dragonfly if you want help with a paranormal situation. We travel within our local area. Call 315-272-3459 for more information.