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2016 Schedule- Due to work demands the schedule has been postponed temporarily.


Previous Discussions:

Holistic Approaches to Health & Wholeness 

What’s This Energy Stuff All About? Exploring the energy fields;

Listing Yourself- list making for self-discovery;

Tarot Card Readings- explanation & demonstrations for the hesitant among us;

Affirmations- setting your life in motion & achieving your goals;

Guides & Guardians-going beyond Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!;

Other Dimensions & Realms- more than meets the eye!;

Ghosts & Manifestations-Getting past the Hollywood image;

A Shaman’s Way- Al’s experiences as a Shaman healer;

Intuitive & Don’t Know What to Do About It? Understanding & using your gift. You’re not nuts, really!;

Past Life Influences-experiences with past life memories & their effects now

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Previous Classes: If interested in the following classes, please drop us a line

Journey to Your Inner Self:

              Explore your inner realms. Journey to your own inner sanctuary to find peace, and meet your intuitive guide. Discover your inner depths, uncover your potential, and tap your inner strengths. This course will help you resolve personal challenges, change negatives into positives, gain clarity in your relationships, purge emotional baggage, reach goals without struggle, and glimpse your life purpose.

Intro to Tarot: Understanding & Exploring the Tarot

Energy Anatomy & Healing:

            An exploration of energy and the human energy fields, including an in-depth look at the chakras and how blockages relate to chronic disease states. The class includes hands-on techniques in removing energy blocks, clearing the charkas, auras and promoting optimal energy flow in the body and surrounding energy fields. There will be extensive use of hands-on techniques (clothes on) during this class, on massage tables (provided); students will be working on each other and others (provided by the instructor).


Scheduled Meditations: We are attempting to set up a regularly scheduled meditation group, either for guided journeys or TM meditation. If interested please contact us with your available times and preference for meeting frequency.


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