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Small Labradorite Beads/Pocket Stones


Pocket Stones

The purpose of pocket stones is to add the vibration of the stone to your energy fields. The small size makes it easy to carry this assistance with you where ever you go. Mix and match to give yourself all that you need! Some people like to carry them in a pouch and some prefer keeping them loose in their pocket. Don’t forget-quartz enhances the vibration of the stones it is placed with (clear quartz-strong enhancement. Milky quartz-gentle enhancement).


Key properties:

Protects from negativity, encourages flexibility during change, stimulates intuition, calms the mind and emotions, eases transformation.


These stones were once used as beads and then became pocket stones. Each one does have a tiny hole from previous use as beads. Excellent condition and polished. 1/2 inch to 1 inch in size.

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