The Mystical Dragonfly

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Holistic, Alternative Health Therapies

The Mystical Dragonfly practitioners believe in a holistic approach to health. We work to clear the chakras and energy fields, removing blocks to the flow of energy throughout the body. These blocks often come from one's past experiences, emotions, attitudes and beliefs. Our gentle approach to clearing the blocks and helping the client to overcome the causes of these blocks is a key process to restoring and/or maintaining health. Energy is then balanced throughout the body by means of several methods, including channeling high colored light, Reiki, aura smoothing, psychic surgery, crystal therapy and other techniques. Our shamanic healer also adjusts the physical imbalances in the muscles and bones to relieve discomfort and restore proper functioning. Additionally, past lives may surface to add insight into themes in this lifetime, as well as issues to be addressed based on past life occurrences, which quite often show as phantom pains and panic attacks.
Each person has a unique health status, life path, past lives and present life. We at the Mystical Dragonfly strive to treat each person as uniquely, adjusting our approach and the therapies used according to the individual being treated.