The Mystical Dragonfly

Alternative Health Therapies & Mystical Gifts

The mission of The Mystical Dragonfly is to give holistic preventative healthcare, relief of disease symptoms, as well as addressing the cause of disease, through the use of alternative health therapy and intuitive means.
Additionally, we seek to build enthusiasm for life and the lessons to be learned, by building positive self concepts and attitudes in our clients through the means of self discovery and acceptance.


About the Healers and Practitioners at The Mystical Dragonfly:


Kamille Smith, MA, MMA, PhD, Cert. Past Life Regression Facilitator

Kamille has been a student in the metaphysical arts since the early 1980's. Having studied in many modalities in several educational settings and a profuse reader of self-help books, Kamille has blended her many years of study into a unique approach to healing and Life Coaching. Though refusing to name her techniques (a belief that naming your style in based on ego!), her successful practice has grown and prospered over the years. Kamille has also been an instructor in Continuing Education classes since 1999, with such popular courses as: Journey To Your Inner Self, Introduction to The Chakras, Introduction to Tarot Cards and Energy Anatomy & Healing.

Skills: Clairaudience, clairsatience, clairsentience, channelling, Tarot card reading, past life reading, psychic surgery, intuitive life coaching

Al Smith, Shamanic Healer: (autobiography under construction, still) Yup, he's a procrastinator....



Miranda Smith, Psychic/Medium, Psychic Surgeon:

Miranda was born into a life of healing and psychic work. Her talents as a psychic were promoted since she was a child. Home schooled to prevent overly negative influence, she has blossomed into, as Kamille describes: "the most talented psychic/medium that I have ever met!"

Skills: Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsatience, clairsentience, clairalience, clairgustance, channelling, Spirit Alchemist, past life reading, psychic surgery, spirit communication, intuitive life coaching (an amazing number of skills here!)


Brief History of The Mystical Dragonfly: 
In the Summer of 2010, a group of friends were discussing dreams and goals in life. It soon became clear that many wanted a store location within which to offer their metaphysical talents and handcrafted items. On October 13th, 2010 the Mystical Dragonfly was born. The shop was located in Ilion, NY and remained a haven of metaphysical activity and gifts for over a year. In May of 2012, the partnership dissolved. 

The Mystical Dragonfly is now owned by one of the original members, Kamille Smith, of Richfield Springs, NY. It has developed into a family operation. In fact, the Mystical Dragonfly will be celebrating 1 year at the Richfield Springs location on Nov 13th, 2013. We hope to have a grand celebration! Now to plan it...